Pozvánka na mezinárodní seminář: “Populist Constitutionalism: Theory and Practice in East-Central Europe” - 18. - 19. září 2018

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“Populist Constitutionalism: Theory and Practice in East-Central Europe”

18. - 19. září 2018


The conference examines the relationship between populism, constitutionalism, and the rule of law, in the context of recent political developments in East-Central Europe. Most constitutionalists regard populism is as incompatible with liberal-democratic constitutionalism. Mattias Kumm for one states that ‘populists are a greater threat to liberal-democratic constitutionalism than the minority of religiously fundamentalist immigrants ever could be’. In recent years, East-Central Europe has seen populists actively engaging with constitutional reform and even constitution-making. In many of instances - in particular in Hungary and Poland, but not only - populists claim to be constructing an alternative constitutional order, in an at least partial critical contrast to liberal-democratic constitutionalism. How are these attempts at creating populist constitutional order to be understood, both th eoretically and prac ti ca lly? Are the claims and justifications of populists to be dismissed out of hand, as in David Landau’s notion of ‘abusive constitutionalism’? And why is it that in particularly the more consolidated democracy in the region populism has emerged? Should liberal-democratic constitutionalism be significantly strengthened in the face of the populist challenge? Or has the democratic transformation process in some ways been problematic, now leading to an important backlash? And is the populism-constitutionalism nexus a more complex one, and do we need to find ways to understand potentially deeper, historical and structural causes of the relative weakness that liberal-democratic institutions have shown in confronting populist ‘counter-constitutional revolutions’?


Konference se koná v budově Ústavu státu a práva, Akademie věd ČR, zasedací místnost 7. patro.



18th of September

10:00 - 11:00

David Kosar / The Twin Challenge to Separation of Powers in Central Europe: Technocratic Governance and Populism

Silvia Suteu / Constitutional identity as defence against populism: The failings of an incompletely theorised concept

11:20 - 12:20

Paul Blokker / Populist Constitutionalism and Democratic Participation

Adam Czarnota / Between liberalism and populism. Poland on the road to post-conventional constitutionalism

Lunch break

14:30 - 15:30

Marta Bucholc / Conservative Utopianism at Large: Populist Constitutionalism in Poland

Gárdos-Orosz Fruzsina / Explaining Populist constitutionalism in Hungary


19th of September

10:00 - 12:00

Renata Deskoska / Populist Constitutionalism in Macedonie

Tanasije Marinkovic / Enemies of Institutions – Revival of Populism in Serbia

Djordje Gardasevic / On populist constitutionalism in Croatia

Dimitry Kochenov / The Union of a Failed Promise: EU Law as a Protector of the Member States against Themselves

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