Letní škola GLOBAL LAW OF SPORT 30. 6. – 14. 7. 2019


General courses on sports law and EU law.

Specialization courses on Olympic law and the fight against doping in sport.

Keynote lectures on the conditional autonomy of sporting governing bodies towards EU law

and the role of the EU in sports policy.

Guest lectures on sports law, Court of Arbitration for Sport and sports arbitration,
human rights in mega-sporting events, sport and nationality or various aspects of anti-doping.

Personal experience of athletes, coaches and sports oficials. If all of this sounds as though it might interest you, read on.

In the summer 2019, from 30 June to 14 July, high in the Giant Mountains in the Czech Republic,

the Common Law Society will hold its summer school.

The summer school, a fixture in the summer calendar since 2012,

will focus in 2019 on the theme of the Global Law of Sport.

You will be led through various topics focusing on the interaction of law and sport in European and international context.

The following lecturers will discuss with you specialist topics related to various areas of sports law, providing you with key knowledge, offering their academic and practical experience and presenting an opportunity for exchanges of views:


Keynote Speaker

Stephen Weatherill (University of Oxford)

Stefaan Van den Bogaert (Leiden University)

Miguel Poiares Maduro (European University Institute)

Dominik Kocholl (Court of Arbitration for Sport)


Academic Directors

Jan Exner (Czech Olympic Committee, Charles University)

Jan Komárek (University of Copenhagen)


Guest Lecturers

Andrea Cattaneo (Edge Hill University)

Antoine Duval (Asser Institute)

Jacob Kornbeck (European Commission)

Despina Mavromati (SportLegis)

Richard Parrish (Edge Hill University)

Zuzana Vikarská (University of Oxford)

Marjolaine Viret (University of Neuchâtel)


The academic programme of the summer school consists of general and specialisation courses,

guest lectures, discussion panels, optional movie nights and a moot court.

There is also a non-academic dimension of this summer school:

you are invited to participate in various trips and sports,

to use the wellness equipment of the chalet (sauna, whirlpool) and to enjoy the free evenings, getting to know your fellow students and the lecturers.

The free weekend also gives you a chance to go hiking in the surrounding national park or to explore Prague.


Should you have any further questions, feel free to contact us via our contact form.

You can also like us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/cls.summer.schools/)

or follow us on Twitter (https://twitter.com/CLS_summer). 

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