Call for Papers: "Law in the Era of Digitalization"





We are living in a globalized and modern world full of exceptional possibilities and countless choices. A new era in which technologies and computers has become a part of our everyday life. With these new opportunities unexpected challenges arise, and they need to be dealt with. That is a challenge for law, future legislation and practice.

Among all above mentioned, theory, academic discussion and science with properly executed research are very important for dealing with every new problem. Therefore, we would like to introduce you this call for papers, which should cover all of the main questions connected to the debated issue. Also, feel free to propose your own articles, however please note that they need to reflect a topic connected to digitalization, IT law, etc.

If we catch your fancy, please contact us before you start writing your article and provide us with your application no later than 14 April 2019. We need to make sure that several authors do not choose to write on the same topic. The suggested themes below are fairly broad, so we also want to discuss the precise direction of your article with you.

Public law section

1) Artificial Intelligence and Law: Will Judges Run on Punch Cards?
2) E-government, E-voting, E-administrating: Joys and Perils of Digital Citizenship.
3) Data Protection Regulation in the Era of Big Brothers
4) Cybercrime: Wild West of the Internet
5) Sexual Harassment in the Virtual Reality
6) Sharing Economy or Underground Economy? Role of the State in the Information and Technology Services Business

Private law section

7) Digital Property from the Perspective of the Czech Civil Law: The Right to Bear (Digital) Arms
8) Economy 4.0 as an Instrument to Kill a Worker?
9) The Future of Czech Labor Code: How to Steer the Digital Future?
10) Working Hours as Useless Instrument? Time of Homeworkers and Teleworkers
11) Who Pays for a Smart Car’s Dumb Mistake?
12) E-Liability: Who Takes the Blame when No Human is at Fault
13) Service Level Agreements: Deciding How Often Your Business Grinds to a Halt
14) Internet Smart Contracts: Are They Really Smart?
15) Big Data: Digging for Gold in Your Digital Waste
16) Autonomous Robots: Time for Asimov’s Laws?
17) When IT Law Meets IP Law: Dealing in Contracts for Works
18) Digital Heritage: What Shall We Do with Facebook and Twitter Account after Death?

Banking and finance section

19) Blockchain: The Greatest Thing after Sliced Bread?
20) Virtual Currency: Future or a Fad?
21) Legal Aspects of E-banking

Human Rights section

22) The Liability of Website Operators for Comments of Others: How to Deal with Hate Speech in Cyberspace?
23) Secret Surveillance of Cyberspace by Intelligence: Should We Be Prepared for Sacrificing Our Right to Respect for Private Life and Correspondence in Exchange for Effective Protection from Cybercrime?
24) Banning Access to Webpages by Public Authorities: How to Reconcile It with the Freedom to Receive and Impart Information or Ideas in a Pluralistic Democratic Society?
25) A so-called Right to Be Forgotten: Rationale, Limits and Obstacles to Its Effective Exercise
26) Broadening the Scope of Personal Data to IP Addresses: What Practical Implications Could It Have?
27) Parental Control over the Use of Internet by Their Children: When and to which Extent Can Be Deemed as a Justifiable Educational Measure?

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