Ukrainian Law and the Law of the Czech Republic: An Unexpected Encounter

Ukrainian Law and the Law of the Czech Republic: An Unexpected Encounter

Faculty of Law
Charles University in Prague

cordially invite you to a round table on

Ukrainian Law and the Law of the Czech Republic: An Unexpected Encounter

which will be held on 13th June 2023, at the Faculty of Law,
Charles University in Prague,

10.00 in room 38.

Ukrainian Law and the Law of the Czech Republic represent two different, however, interconnected legal systems. The massive influx of Ukrainian citizens into the territory of the Czech Republic in the aftermath of the aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine in February 2022 has caused a radical increase of mutual encounters between the elements, governed by either Ukrainian, or Czech Law. These occurrences trigger attention of legal academia and represented the reason for organisation of this round table. The participants of the roundtable will discuss various aspects of mutual legal relations between the Czech Republic and Ukraine, in particular in the field of mutual recognition of judicial decisions, temporary protection and with respect to the »Leges Ukrainae«, which were enacted by the Parliament of the Czech Republic.

The round table is a joint interdisciplinary action of the Department of Administrative Law, Department of International Law, Department of Private Law and the Department of Health Law. It is organised under the umbrella of the SVV project »Ukrainian Law and the Law of the Czech Republic: An Unexpected Encounter«.


The programme of the round table will be as follows:


prof. Jakub handrlica

Keynote speech: Ukrainian Law and the administrative law of the Czech Republic 

I. panel: Mutual recognition of judicial decisions

miroslav sedláček, tetiana kravchenko

Recognition and enforcement of judgments between the Czech Republic and Ukraine


II. panel: LegES issues of temporary protection

věra honusková, enes zaimovič

Temporary protection: a rediscovered instrument of international protection?

natalia isayeva

Social and economic rights of Ukrainians under the temporary protection of the Czech Republic

kamila balounová, vladimír sharp

Linguistic dimension of the Ukrainian crisis in the Czech Republic: managing language barriers by means of administrative law

III. panel: leges Ukrainae

lenka pítrová

Leges Ukrainae: A short introduction

Lilia Serhiichuk, Yulia Mohylda

Leges Ukrainae: Analyse of “tailor-made” legislation



The end of the round table is expected at 15.00


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