Identity, Constitutionalism and Citizens’ Attitudes

Identity, Constitutionalism and Citizens’ Attitudes

Identity, Constitutionalism and Citizens’ Attitudes

The Institute for the Interregional Study of Constitutionalism

is pleased to invite you to

conference on

Identity, Constitutionalism and Citizens’ Attitudes

December 1, 2022

Faculty of Law, Charles University, Prague

ground floor room no. 38


The universalism, individualism, and objective rationality of rights and of constitutionalism as their enforcement framework seems to be insufficient in themselves to foster collective political identity. This void has been too often filled with extra-constitutional sources of identity, such as ethnicity, nation, religion, etc. Yet, there might be a solution from within constitutionalism. Different concepts, such as liberal nationalism, constitutional patriotism, Islamic constitutionalism and, our proposal, identity constitutionalism, have been developed in attempts to ground constitutionalism in local values so that citizens can see it as an instrument through which they constitute themselves as a polity. These approaches face, however, the problem of how to operationalize identity and measure attitudes that constitute identity. This conference aims to discuss the contours of a new constitutional methodology and interpret the preliminary results of qualitative research regarding citizens’ constitutional attitudes in selected countries in the EU and the MENA region.




9:15 Registration

9:30 – 11:15 SESSION 1: IDENTITY AND CONSTITUTION Chair: Beáta Bakó

Tomáš Dumbrovský and Volker Kaul (Charles University, Doha Institute for Graduate Studies): Identity Constitutionalism: Theory and Concepts

Abdeljabbar Arrach (Hassan I University): Constitutions and Democratization in MENA

Gina Gustavsson (Uppsala University): Liberal National Identity: Thinner than Conservative, Thicker than Civic? (online)


Coffee break

11:45 – 13:55 SESSION 2: CITIZENS’ ATTITUDES Chair: Zoubair Khouaja

Balázs Fekete (Eötvös Loránd University): Studying Rights Consciousness in Hungary. Why? How? What?

Hadia Yahiaoui (Khenchela University): Constitutionalism and the Arab Spring

Petra Guasti (Charles University): Polarization and Populism during Covid-19. Results of the SYRI Project

Dorian Alt (Charles University): Identity Constitutionalism: Measuring Citizens’ Constitutional Attitudes in the EU and MENA


14:00 End of the Conference


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Ms. Jana Malucha,
Coordinator of the Institute for the Interregional Study of Constitutionalism,

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