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AUC IURIDICA, Vol 69 No 3 (2023)

The Concept of Adversial Proceedings in Criminal Proceedings
Vladimír Pelc

Problematic Aspects of the Basic Principles of Criminal Procedure
Tomáš Gřivna

Basic Principles of Criminal Procedure – Their Exceptionality and Exceptions to Them
Jiří Mulák

Recodification of Slovak Criminal Proceedings: Early Ideas, Concrete Steps and Its Subsequent Application
Libor Klimek

Problematic Aspects of Granting Damages in Criminal Proceedings
František Púry, Martin Richter

Securing of Information and Items in the Draft New Code of Criminal Procedure
Jaroslav Fenyk, Jan Provazník

The Role of Preliminary Proceedings in Czech Criminal Proceedings
Jan Musil

Appeal and Its Concept in the Draft Criminal Procedure Code
Jiří Říha

Applicability of an Agreement Upon Guilt and a Punishment and Statement of Guilt in Individual Stages of Criminal Proceedings
Filip Ščerba

De Lege Ferenda Considerations on Plea Bargaining in the Light of the Case Law of the European Court of Human Rights
Lukáš Bohuslav

The Rule of Law and Criminality in the Republic of Kosovo
Avdullah Robaj

On Certain International Legal Issues Related to Armed Palestinian and Terrorist Attacks
Veronika D’Evereux

Will and Its Relevance to Legal Philosophy
Tristan Florian

Placák, Petr. Gottwaldovo Československo jako fašistický stát
Pavel Maršálek

From the Scientific Life: Report of the Internetional Scientific Conference on Remedial Systems and Remedies in Criminal Proceedings
Jiří Mulák, Marta Fleková

From Scientific Life: Report from the Discussion Meeting on the Draft of the New Criminal Procedure Code (the So-Called Recodification Thursdays)
Jiří Mulák, Marta Fleková

Jubilee Xth Criminology Days at Prague Law School
Jakub Drápal

Z Report from the Internetional Scientific Conference Košice Days of Criminal Law 2023
Marta Fleková

The Fifth Annual Doctoral Private Law Conference Called Civilistické Pábení, this Year on Family and Child in Civil Law
Miroslav Sedláček, Petra Kotápišová