Department of Economics

Department of Economics

The Department of Economics is an academic workplace specialized in Economic Analysis of Law and Empirical Legal Studies. The department is research-oriented, with a substantial part of research output aiming at publications in impact-factor journals. Currently, the department is the main investigator of two GAČR projects and one TAČR project. The department also runs the Legal Data Hub project, which provides technical, software and data facilities for empirical research in law and economics.

The courses taught by the department aim to illuminate the effects of the legal system in economic life - especially the effects of legal norms on the behavior of people and firms in both market and non-market situations, on the functioning of markets, and on social well-being. The department guarantees the compulsory course Law and Economics I and II. Elective courses provide more advanced education in the areas of Economic Analysis of Law, Public Policy, Finance and research methods (Statistics, Empirical Legal Studies).

The Department of Economics at the Faculty of Law, Charles University is the oldest economics department in the Czech Republic. It was founded in 1850 and was the main center of economic science and education until 1948. During this era, the department faculty featured several forming figures of the Czech economics profession, such as Albín Bráf, Josef Gruber, Alois Rašín and Karel Engliš. Since 2018, the department has shifted its focus to Economic Analysis of Law and Empirical Legal Studies, under the new leadership of Libor Dušek.

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More information about the courses

  • Compulsory course Law and Economics I and II (called “Theory of National Economy” during 1850-2020) introduces students to the principles of economics and economic analysis of law.
  • The department offers two modules of elective courses (PVPs), targeting different career profiles of students: The module "Law and Economics" targets students who see a career connection with the public sphere or public policy: future legislators, judges, officials, journalists and academics. The "Finance and Business" module aims at financial and corporate practice.
  • The department also provides selected courses for the Erasmus program, selected methodological course in PhD programs, and the thematic field of the rigorous examination "Law and Economics".