Mandatory Courses

Mandatory Courses

 Mandatory Courses (8 ECTS):

1. Introduction to Health Law – in charge: dr. Šustek, dr. Krejčíková, dr. Teska Arnoštová

Introduction to Health Law is a ten-week course exploring the fundamental basis of health law, incl. its concept, European perspective in Health Law and some selected issues such as contract, legal liability, pharma law, ethics in medicine etc. Within the course, the principles of health law regarding the health system and mutual relationships between all relevant subjects will be discussed, both in general and with a focus on specific areas in health law, in order to provide the students with a valuable insight into the complex field.

a. Concept of Health Law (dr. Šustek)
b. European Health Law (as. prof. Křepelka)
c. Contract (dr. Holčapek)
d. General Introduction to Civil Liability in Healthcare (dr. Šustek, mgr. Hirsch)
e. General Introduction to Criminal Liability in Healthcare (dr. Krejčíková)
f. Insurance Systems (dr. Krejčíková, mgr. Pokorná)
g. Pharma Law (dr. Král)
h. Public Health (prof. Damohorský)
i. Safety and Quality in Healthcare (dr. Marx)
j. Ethics in Medicine (dr. Vácha)


2. Legal Liability in Healthcare – in charge: dr. Šustek, dr. Krejčíková

The course will offer an introduction to fundamental principles of legal liability according to the Czech law with a special focus on some specific aspects of providing healthcare, incl. general issues of criminal, civil and administrative liability of a healthcare provider and/or healthcare worker and some specific issues such as selected offence committed in healthcare, indirect harm etc. Besides the Czech national law, as well a comparison with selected foreign legal regulation regarding medical law will be discussed in order to achieve a broader overview of the legal principles applied within the area of providing healthcare.

a. General Introduction to Criminal Liability in Healthcare (dr. Krejčíková)
b. Criminal Liability for Breach of Right to Bodily Integrity (dr. Krejčíková)
c. Selected offences in Healthcare (dr. Krejčíková)
d. Criminal case studies (dr. Krejčíková)
e. General Introduction to Civil Liability in Healthcare (dr. Šustek)
f. Civil Liability for Medical Malpractice (dr. Holčapek)
g. Selected Special Issues of Civil Liability (indirect harm etc.) (dr. Šustek, dr. Holčapek, mgr. Hirsch)
h. Civil case studies (dr. Šustek, dr. Holčapek, Mgr. Hirsch)
i. General Introduction to Administrative and Disciplinary Liability in Healthcare (dr. Krejčíková)
j. Decisions of ECHR regarding Healthcare (Mgr. Povolná, dr. Krejčíková)


3. Pharma Law and Law on Medical Devices – in charge: dr. Král, dr. Šustek

The course should explain the basic issues and institutes related to the regulation of pharmaceuticals (medicinal products) and medical devices, with emphasis on practical application. Attention will be paid to the general regulation of research, production and placing products on the market and also to the specific aspects of advertising regulation or pricing and reimbursement.

a. General introduction to Pharma Law (dr. Král)
b. European Perspective (doc. Křepelka)
c. Legal aspects of Clinical Research (dr. Šustek)
d. Common Regulation of Medicinal Products (mgr. Krejsta)
e. Common Regulation of Medical Devices (dr. Král)
f. Borderline Products (dr. Král)
g. Price and Reimbursement Regulation (dr. Král)
h. Health Claims and Advertising (mgr. Kastner)
i. Pharmaceutical corporates and legal and ethical Regulations (mgr. Krejsta)


4. Ethics, Medicine and Law – in charge: dr. Krejčíková, dr. Šustek

With a deeply interdisciplinary approach, the course will discuss the role of ethics in healthcare, the potential of clinical ethics to eliminate medical disputes and (often highly distinguishing) legal and ethical aspect of some selected controversial issues such as euthanasia, wrongful life action, rationing etc.
a. General Introduction to Ethics in Healthcare (dr. Vácha)
b. Clinical Ethics Consultation in Healthcare (dr. Matějek)
c. Wrongful life, wrongful birth action (dr. Šustek)
d. End-of-life Decisions (dr. Krejčíková)
e. Rationing (dr. Povolná)
f. Assisted Reproduction (dr. Nevečeřalová)
g. Transplantation (dr. Nevečeřalová)
h. Mental Health (dr. Prudil)
i. Autopsy (dr. Vojtíšek)


5. General Introduction to Sports Law and Related Health Policy – in charge: prof. Kuklík, dr. Kohout

This course is aimed at providing the basic outline of issues related to sport, which may also be reflected as a physical activity involving benefits and risks for humane health. The course will cover the foundations of sporting sector, both from the perspective of amateur and professional sport activities. The Sports Law is composed of both private law and public law regulations, which will both be introduced in this mandatory course as well.

a. Emergence of Sports Law and Its Relation to Public Health
b. State and Sport, Public Law Regulation of Sport 
c. International Law and Sport
d. Leading Principles of Sports Law
e. Foundations of Sporting Sector – Sport Federations
f. Sport and Public Health, Sport and Health of Athletes
g. Sport and Human Rights
h. Commercial Exploitation of Physical Activity – Business Aspects of Sport
i. Legal Relationships Connected to Organisation of Major Sporting Events
j. Sport and Spectators from Legal Perspective