Specialisation III

Specialisation III

HEALTH AND LAW (Medical and Sports Law)

Tutor: Prof. JUDr. Jan Kuklík, DrSc.

This new LL.M. Programme seeks to provide its participants with a unique opportunity to become familiar with intricate legal issues related to human health, mental and physical well-being, healthcare systems and also sport activity. 
Graduates from this Specialisation may find legal jobs in various institutions of the healthcare system such as hospitals, ministries and other public agencies. Given the fact that the Programme covers substantially also the area of sports law, graduates may enhance their knowledge and skills for future employment with various sport associations or clubs. In addition, those interested in pursueing a career in the pharmaceutical sector or as attorneys specialised in health and/or sports law may find this Programme beneficial.
Mandatory courses cover areas such as general introduction to health and sports law, liability of healthcare practitioners and facilities, pharmaceutical law and bioethics. 
Additional optional courses enable the participants to focus more closely on various related areas, where law meets with issues connected to health, e.g. healthcare systems in comparative cross-cultural legal perspective, doping and law, public health, liability issues and contracts related to physical activities and sport, dispute resolution of specific sport-related disputes.

Students are required to complete 5 mandatory courses (each for 8 credits). Moreover they are obliged to choose and complete at least 4 optional courses (each for 5 credits). In the third semester students are expected to attend a LL.M. Thesis Seminar (5 credits), complete an LL.M. Thesis under the supervision of a tutor and defend it before a committee (25 credits).

Courses offered within the Specialisation Health and Law:

Mandatory courses

Winter semester:

  1. Introduction to Health Law
  2. Legal Liability in Healthcare 
  3. General Introduction to Sports Law and Related Health Policy

Summer semester:

  1. Law and Ethics in Medicine
  2. Legal Regulation of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices

Optional courses

Winter Semester:

  1. Public Health
  2. US and European Perspectives on Health Related Issues in Sport

Summer semester:

  1. Healthcare in Cultural and Religious and other Perspectives
  2. Civil and Criminal Liability in Sport, Contractual Obligations in Sport
  3. Doping, Health and Law
  4. Dispute Resolution in Sport-Related Matters

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