Response to adoption of additional crisis measures

Response to adoption of additional crisis measures

Dear Dean,
Dear Director,
Dear Colleagues,

in connection with Resolution of the Government of the Czech Republic no. 215/2020 Coll., dated 15 March 2020, on the adoption of crisis measures prohibiting the free movement of people on the territory of the Czech Republic, I inform you of the following:

Basic information 
All teaching activity is permitted by remote means only. With effect from 16.00 (4 p.m.) on 16 March 2020 until 24 March 2020 inclusive (or until the revocation of the crisis measures stated above), I hereby prohibit any form of individual tuition, including the holding of individual consultation, and individual tests and state exams (including rigorous and doctoral exams).

With effect from 14.00 (2 p.m.) on 16 March 2020, the deans of CU faculties and directors of CU institutes must facilitate home office (“H/O”) for all employees to the maximum possible extent. At the same time it is necessary to ensure the uninterrupted meeting of work obligations and the performance of essential tasks for the operation of Charles University.

Opening hours of relevant workplaces (in particular study departments) must be secured to the extent of no more than 3 hours per day for two days per week. During the notified working hours, the greatest possible number of tasks must be resolved through remote communication; in individual cases it shall be possible to arrange contact (personal) meetings depending on the issue at hand.

With effect from 0.00 (midnight) on 17 March 2020 all CU buildings shall be closed and access shall be granted only to employees and students under conditions set by the dean of the relevant faculty of director of the CU constituent part with respect to ensuring the performance of tasks essential to the operation of CU. The continuity of science and research work (laboratory work, care for laboratory animals etc.) in particular must be ensured. With respect to the continuation of work at individual workplaces, I call on all employees to respect the increased hygiene requirements and to behave responsibly both to those around them and to themselves.

International students and employees
The instructions contained in my memorandum of 13 March 2020 remain in force. The arrival of students from abroad, or international students, if they are permitted to enter the Czech Republic, shall be dealt with on an individual basis. International students should contact the representative offices of their own countries for a possible exemption from travel bans.

Student residences
Student residences shall continue to operate. 
I again call on all students in accommodation at residences to not gather, to comply with strict hygiene rules, and to behave in a responsible manner both to themselves and to others. While I realise that the situation faced by students in residences will be complicated in the next few days, I believe that calm, conscious behaviour shall help us to manage the situation together.

In the event that quarantine measures are adopted in rooms or parts of residences, those who are in quarantine must strictly comply with all measures introduced and all conditions of quarantine. 

With effect from 17 March 2020 only the Kajetánka Refectory shall be in operation (offer cooked food). 

Food shall be delivered to the following dispensing points:
•         Albertov
•         Sport
•         HTF
•         Jinonice
•         Hvězda
•         U Rotlevů

The Snídárna at the Komenského Student Residence shall remain in operation.

Discussions on continuing the operation of refectories and dispensing points in Pilsen and Hradec Králové are ongoing.

Operation in all buffets shall cease.

The number of meals dispensed shall be assessed on Wednesday and further reduction may be adopted. 

UK Point, Centrum Carolina advisory centre, Hostivař sport complex and training centres

UK Point, the Centrum Carolina advisory centre, the Hostivař sport centre and training centres are closed.

Card dispensing points
Card dispensing points shall be closed with effect from 14.00 (2 p.m.) on 16 March 2020.

Online support shall remain in operation. 

Should you have any issues concerning your password, please follow the instructions on the following website:

To contact our on-line support office, click on the link “Resolve problem with Central Authentication Service” in the “Information and instructions” section.

You can also invalidate or renew your pass after logging in at

CU Rectorate
With effect from 14.00 (2 p.m.) on 16 March 2020, employees of the CU Rectorate shall transfer to H/O. Continued operation of the CU Rectorate shall be ensured through available means of remote communication (online, telephone). Selected land lines shall be redirected to the mobile telephones of contact employees of the CU Rectorate.
A list of redirected land lines for individual departments will be sent out separately tomorrow and will be displayed on the CU website.

In the event of doubt over the interpretation of the measures adopted, please contact the CU crisis team by e-mail at

We shall take any further measures required according to the current development of the situation. We shall immediately inform you of such measures.

I would like to ask that you cooperate with the measures adopted, and maintain a calm, rational attitude.

Kind regards,