Blended Intensive Programmes Erasmus+ (BIP) - Call for proposals

Blended Intensive Programmes Erasmus+ (BIP) - Call for proposals



What is it?

The BIP is a collaborative intensive programme based on innovative teaching methods and a combination of a physical mobility with a virtual activity. BIP introduces a new and more flexible mobility formats as well as innovative ways of learning, teaching and training. The aim of the programme is to encourage cooperation between institutions at international level and to engage innovative approaches in higher education.

This programme is designed for all types of students and staff at all levels at Charles University (i.e. students of Magister and PhD programmes, administrative and academic staff). BIP project may, however, only be submitted by either academic or scientific employee of the Law Faculty.



  • At least 3 higher education’s institutions (HEI) from 3 Erasmus+ programme countries must be involved
  • BIP course needs to involve 15 - 20 participants (participants = students or staff as trainees from the sending institutions only)
  • 5-30 days physical mobility combined with a virtual activity
  • The credit extent of the course must be min. 3 ECTS 

The main part of the programme must be teaching or training - BIP is ideal for e.g. summer schools, practical training, joint projects or intensive courses with smaller numbers of students.


How is BIP funded?

The receiving, coordinating institution applies for organisational and mobility support (for students and / or staff) to Erasmus+ BIP funding. For each international participant, the receiving university can apply for a contribution of 400€.

Travel and accommodation costs for foreign participants are covered by their sending universities from their Erasmus+ funds (usually as a short-term teacher/student mobility).


By when must the BIP take place?

All components (both a physical activity and a virtual activity) of one particular BIP should be fully completed by the end of October 2023 at the latest.


How to apply?

Only projects to be implemented by the Faculty of Law UK in a role of coordinating university can be submitted under this call.

(Participation of our students/staff in programmes organised by foreign universities is not subject to the selection procedure, but we kindly ask all PF UK staff who would like to participate in such way to inform our International office in advance).

In the first place, if you would like to realize BIP at our faculty, please contact the International Office by 12.4.2022 at the latest to Mgr. Kateřina Lorencová at

The project applications for BIP should then be submitted on the prescribed form (in English or Czech) together with all attachments no later than 20.5.2022, again to the International Office of the Faculty of Law UK by email to Mgr. Kateřina Lorencová (


Your BIP project application must include the following documents:

  1. A preliminary overview of the estimated costs for the realization of the BIP with a breakdown into specific categories (staff costs, excursions, rentals, materials, etc.) within the limits of the Erasmus+ funds;
  2. An approval of the applicant’s immediate superior (head of the department or centre / institute etc) for the BIP project application;
  3. An agreement of the partner universities that should be involved in the BIP with their support of the project and with their participation under the conditions set out in the proposal. In particular, whether they agree to finance their participants' travel costs from their Erasmus+ funds (as a rule, this agreement should be given by the Erasmus+ coordinator at the foreign university/faculty).


How are projects evaluated?

The projects will be evaluated by a committee chaired by the Vice-Dean for International Relations of the Faculty of Law, doc. Magdalena Pfeiffer. The evaluation will be based on the following criteria:

  1. content of the proposed project activities;
  2. the interconnection of physical mobility with virtual activities, the financial plan and the timetable of the programme;
  3. the intended methods and an extent to which foreign partners will be involved in the project.

(max. 25 points in each category)

The evaluation of projects will be completed by 31 May 2022 at the latest. The best evaluated projects will be forwarded to the Rector's Office of Charles University, where the approval process will take place.