New call for POST-DOC postition open – topic CLIMATE CHANGE AND THE LAW

New call for POST-DOC postition open – topic CLIMATE CHANGE AND THE LAW


Herewith we would like to announce that the School of Law of Charles University opens a call for applications for the post-doc research position for the period of January 1, 2020 – December 31, 2021).


The topic for the research is Climate Change and the Law.


The annotation of the project is following:


The Faculty of Law of Charles University seeks a highly qualified postdoctoral candidate with the interest in environmental law research, especially focusing on the area of legal issue related to climate change. Climate change is an important task of contemporary environmental law research, requiring a high degree of knowledge in many fields. Applicants should demonstrate their understanding of the complexity of this newly recognized legal issue and consequently their ability of the interdisciplinary approach to such a topic.


The research itself should cover all legal tasks related to responding to climate change. The researcher is expected to examine the legal aspects of climate change mitigation (reducing), focusing on the climate and energy law, as well as climate change adaptation, focusing on the legal measures to adapt land and nature, forest, water and soil to the changing climate.


This newly opened postdoctoral position is fully scientific and research, tightly connected with publication activity, thus a strong ability of publishing in scholarly journals is presumed.The intended outcome of the two-years stay at the Faculty of law shall be an extensive monograph. The researcher is expected to actively participate in the activities of the Department of Environmental Law but not to take part in teaching. The candidate should be entirely concentrated on the research with no work duty other than her or his work at the Faculty.


Conditions for application:


Fixed-term position: 2 years starting from January 1, 2020

Workplace: Department of Environmental Law of the Faculty of Law, Charles University

Supervisor: Prof. JUDr. Milan Damohorský, DrSc.

Application requirements:

-          Detailed CV

-          List of Publications

-          Copy of University Diploma

-          Application Form

-          Letter of Reference


E-mail: damohors @

Submission of application and application deadline: application documents must be sent attached to an email to damohors @ until July 21, 2019.


The applicants for post-doc position will be reviewed after the application deadline by a panel composed of members of the School of Law (interview with the candidate via Skype may be requested). However, the final selection of the candidate and decision on the allocation of the finances is subject to the decision of the University Committee (for more detailed information regarding the application proces see:




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