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- Specialisation III: "Health and Law" - NEW AS OF 2017/2018 !!


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The Faculty of Law of the Charles University has gained much experience in pedagogical and scientific work in the area of Europeization and internationalization of studies. This holds true not only with respect to the education of Czech students but also with respect to the education of foreign students on the international level. It is especially important to note the successive creation of the study programme “Czech Legal System in European Context”, which is taught solely in English and is predominantly designed for LLP-ERASMUS students from the EU. This programme has been facilitated at our Faculty by the fact that we have offered programs for international students for more than 10 years already. In particular, the 22th Session of Summer Law School with University of San Francisco was held in 2012 and the 9th year of Summer Law School with South Texas College of Law was held in Prague the same year. In addition, exchange programmes with foreign universities make it possible for student exchanges with universities outside of the EU, especially with NOVA Southeastern University, University of San Francisco, University of Miami and others. At the end of 2008 all Ph.D. study programmes carried out at the Law Faculty were accredited also for the English language.

By introducing its own LL.M. programme, the Faculty of Law of the Charles University seeks to join the ranks of the world’s leading academic institutions in the field of law. However, implementation of such a programme cannot be seen as a purely technical issue. Students of the LL.M. programme become clients of the Faculty and are not students in the classical meaning. The content of courses will not be purely theoretical, but quite to the contrary – they will be highlighted by an interactive approach focused on practical skills and knowledge. It will therefore be undertaken to offer to the prospective students activities like case studies, moot courts, clinics, excursions etc. Prominent international scholars will also be invited to participate in the programme, either by way of individual lectures or whole courses.

The organizational aspects of the programme shall be administered by the International Office of the Faculty and the person responsible for the LL.M. programme in whole shall be the Vice-Dean for International Relations, Professor Milan Damohorský. Each of the two modules will also have its own responsible tutor. The programme is going to be opened for the sixth time in the academical year 2016/2017.


Prof. JUDr. Milan DAMOHORSKÝ, DrSc.

Vice-Dean for International Relations

LL.M. Programme Director 


- Specialisation II: "International Human Rights Law and Protection of Environment"


- Specialisation I: "The Law and Business in the Czech Republic and Central Europe"

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