Call for Papers: Katedra Politologie a Sociologie vás srdečně zve na mezinárodní doktorandský workshop


International doctoral workshop: Transformations of Law in Transnational Contexts, Prague, 16th and 17th of September 2017

Convenors: Petr Agha (Charles University), Mariano Croce (La Sapienza University of Rome), Aldo Schiavello (Università degli Studi di Palermo), George Pavlakos (University of Glasgow) , Radek Buben (Center for Ibero‐American Studies of the Faculty of Arts, Charles University), Paul Blokker (Institute of Sociological Studies)

Although the process of globalization arguably dates back to the early 18th century, to the beginnings of industrial capitalism if not earlier, over the past 40 years it has not only accelerated but changed dramatically in nature, scope and impact. Populism is on the march, particularly from those communities and groups that feel they have been left behind and marginalized by globalization and have borne the brunt of its rapid re-orderings. This populist opposition has taken both right-wing and left-wing forms, and is finding expression in a surge of nationalism and regionalism and xenophobia. What unites both strands is a disillusionment with major institutions, political parties and political and business elites. We have, in short, entered a phase of instability and disruption. A key question, then, is this: do new realities require new theories, new explanatory schemas and new methodologies?

The aim of this doctoral workshop is to find out whether our existing theories and concepts adequately explain the present instabilities and emerging realties? Or do we need to rethink our interpretive frameworks? Have we focused too much on ever more detailed, specific and locally-orientated narratives at the expense of situating these adequately within more holistic accounts of large-scale systemic processes and structures?
Papers are invited that that address this challenge, whether in terms of the challenge for our theories or in the form of analyses of specific empirical issues and problems. We encourage submissions of individual papers in the following themes and beyond:

1) International public law and legal institutions (ICC, ECtHR, BRICS, Commercial arbitration and others)
2) Rule-of-law and good governance as applied to diverse legal environments
3) International Human Rights Regime and Globalisation
4) Law, Social Transformation and Protection of Human Rights
5) Globalisation, IPR, New Economic Order and Corporate Social Responsibility
6) Environmental Issues and Concern in Global Era
7) Privacy, data protection and human rights in the cyberspace
8) Digital challenges to law: e-government, e-lawyering and e-justice

We welcome legal researchers from across disciplines to join our discussions of current issues in legal studies and law. The working language of the conference is English. All presentations and discussions are held in this language.

For individual paper submissions, send your abstract (200-400 words) and include: - Name; - Affiliation; - Contact information; - Title of your talk to petr.agha @ no later than 1st of September.


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