International Conference "Public Interest in Law" - 17. a 18. října 2019

International Conference "Public Interest in Law" - 17. a 18. října 2019

International Conference
Public Interest in Law

Prague, October 17 and 18, 2019

Právnická fakulta UK, room No. 38



Preliminary Program

I. Foundations

Christoph Bezemek/Tomáš Dumbrovský, The Concept of Public Interests

Luboš Tichý, Public Interests, their Position and Importance in Law

Michael Potacs, Public Interest and Interpretation

Slavomíra Henčeková, Protection of Public Interests as a Legal Principle

Pavel Ondřejek, Theoretical Basis of the Relationship between Fundamental Rights and Public Interests

Václav Janeček, Five Misconceptions about Public Interests in Law


II. EU-Law

Claudia Wutscher, Fiscal Interest and Fundamental Freedoms

Richard Král, National Public Interest Grounds Justifying Non-Minimalistic Implementation of EU-Law

Marina Kaspar, Public Interest and the Migration of Third-Country Nationals

Solange Maslowski, Public Interest as a Possible Limit to Freedom of Movement of EU-Citizens

Petra Pipková, Private Enforcement versus Public Enforcement of Competition Law: the Prevalence of Public Interest

Filip Křepelka, Public Interest in Medical/ Healthcare Law in European Perspective


III. Private Law

Georg Kodek, Public Interest in Private Law

Friedrich Rüffler/Julia Told, Public Interest in Corporate Law

Jiří Hrádek, Public Interests and Strict Liability

Martin Risak, Public Interest in Labour Law

Andreas Frössel/Tomáš Troup, Public Interests and Insolvency Proceedings

Rita Simon, Public Interest and Consumer Protection


IV. Selected Areas of Law

Andrea Lehner, Public Interest in Criminal Law

Jiří Buryan, Protection of Public Interests in Construction Law

Jan Malíř, The Anatomy of General Interest on European Level: Cultural Heritage Protection in the Council of Europe Law

Vojtěch Vomáčka, Imperative Reasons of Overriding Public Interests in Biodiversity Protection

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