Study program in law for incoming international students

A different set of courses in English is given in each semester of the academic year thus enabling the maximum exchange period of two semesters. The Winter Semester starts usually with the first week of October and lasts until mid-February (this includes an exam period in January and the first half of February). The Summer Semester starts in mid-February and lasts until the end of June (including the exam period).

LIST OF COURSES; Distribution of ECTS - credits for courses:


General courses:
HASC1 Czech Constitutional Law  6 ECTS
HASC2 Public Policy: An Economic Perspective 6 ECTS
HASC3 Private Law 6 ECTS
HASC4 Administrative Law 6 ECTS
HASC5 Theory and Practice of Human Rights, International, European and National Systems of Protection 6 ECTS

Courses of Specialization:
HASO1 Financial Law 3 ECTS
HASO2 Introduction to Public International Law in the Czech Legal Context 3 ECTS
HASO4 Natural Resources Law 3 ECTS
HASO5 Czech Legal History 3 ECTS
HASO6 An Introduction to the Central European Judicial Culture 3 ECTS
HASO8 Emerging Legal Disciplines – Medical Law, Sports Law, IT Law 3 ECTS
HASO7 Czech Language/ (Basic) * 0 ECTS


General courses:
HSSC1 Czech and European Environmental Law and Policy 6 ECTS
HSSC2 European Law in the Czech - EU Accession Context 6 ECTS
HSSC3 Commercial Law and International Transactions 6 ECTS
HSSC4 Czech Criminal Law 6 ECTS

Courses of Specialization:
HSSO2 Contracts and Torts 3 ECTS
HSSO3 Institutional Economics and Economics of the Public Sector 3 ECTS
HSSO4 Labour Law and Social Security Law 3 ECTS
HSSO5 Out-of-Court Dispute Resolution 3 ECTS

HSSO6 Readings in Criminological Theories 3 ECTS
HSSO7 Czech Language/ (Basic) * 0 ECTS


* Czech language courses are free of charge (but sufficient number of participants is required).

For more detailed description of individual courses you can go to sections Courses - Winter Semester/Courses - Summer Semester. The list of courses may be subject to change.



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