Environmental Law


Guarantor: prof. JUDr. Milan Damohorský, DrSc., Head of the Department of Environmental Law
Contact Person: JUDr. Michal Sobotka, Ph.D., Sobotka @ prf.cuni.cz

Department of Environmental Law of the Faculty of Law of Charles University in Prague offers a new Ph.D. programme in Environmental Law. The programme is oriented on theoretical and practical questions of the International, European Union and Czech Environmental Law and Policy, including overlaps to the Land Law, Agriculture Law, Natural Resources Law, Energetic Law and Territorial Planning Law. The programme offers also focus on constitutional, criminal, administrative, civil and financial law relations and consequences of environmental matters.

General course – lectures:

Principles of Environmental Law

System and Sources of Environmental Law

Environmental Liability

Ownership and Environment.

Right to Favourable Environment.

Legal Protection of Air, Water and Land.


Possible topics of doctoral thesis

Liability for Environmental Damage

The Right of Information and Public Participation in Environmental Decision Making

Legal Instruments for the Protection of Biodiversity

Role of Courts in Environmental Protection

Economic Instruments of the Protection of the Environment

Fresh Waters Legal Protection

Environmental Criminal Law

Climate Change from the Legal Perspective


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Faculty Periodicals

AUC Iuridica 2/2017


Jurisprudence 2/2017


PLWP 2017/II


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